Lister load order

I have a layout that runs at startup and opens two listers, each with a dual display. One of the listers is for my business, the other is personal. The "problem" is that the order in which the listers load seems to be random; sometimes the business lister is on the right of the personal lister in the task bar and sometimes it's on the right. To me, it's disorienting. Is there a way to specify the position of listers in a layout? Thanks.

The listers will each open on a separate thread so it will be somewhat random which order they appear on.

If you want more control over it your best bet would be to open one lister at a time with a pause between the two. In other words, create two layouts (one for each lister) and maybe use a batch file to open them.

The command to open a layout in a DOS batch file is:

dopusrt.exe /cmd Prefs LAYOUT LayoutName

Replace LayoutName with the layout name (use quotes if it contains spaces), and give the full path to dopusrt.exe since the Opus program directory isn't usually in the path.

I'm not sure how to add a pause between two commands in a batch file but I imagine there's a way if you look for it. If not let me know as it would be easy to write a small "delay" program.

If taskbar order worries you in general (and I know how you feel -- you get used to certain things being on the first few buttons in a certain order) then you might want to check out Mike Lin's Taskbar Commander which is a free tool that allows you to reorder items on the taskbar.

ping.exe -n 3 >nul

The above should insert a 2 second delay in a batch file. If you want a longer or shorter delay change the 3 in the above line to a larger or smaller value.