Lister not updating

I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this problem. I have a dual-pane lister open. I move files from the source to the destination. While the move is in progress, I go to one of the panes and make changes (rename folder, drag-and-drop an item to a subfolder, etc). The changes are not shown in the pane; I must press F5 to see the results. If I do this then after the move completes the lister will no longer update either pane when I make further changes. I must continue to press F5 to refresh and see the results of changes. Closing the lister doesn't help. I have to fully exit DOpus and restart it to get the functionality back.

If I just wait for DOpus to complete the move and don't use it for anything else, then the autoupdating of lister actions is not affected.

This FAQ has troubleshooting steps for changes not being detected:

FWIW I started to experience that a short while ago, out of the blue. I reinstalled DOpus and that fixed it.