Lister shows (24) for genre -Windows property shows "ro

In Dir Opus 8.2 I have opened my music folder. Some items have the genre incorrect. For example I have one MP3 that shows the genre to be (24) - sometime I see other numbers in parenthesis.

Windows properites-summary and MusicMatch both show the file to be correctly tagged with the "rock" genre.

What could this be?

Not sure but it would probably be helpful if you made one or two of the music files in question available to gpsoftware to download and examine.

This can happen if you use Opus to alter the genre in a song's properties (advanced section). I thought I submitted a bug report on it a couple years ago but I see it still happens so maybe I didn't.

It can also happen with some tagging programs which (very stragely) write "(24)" into the string genre field of some types of tags, as well as putting 24 into the old-style numeric genre field.

Providing a sample file is the best way to get it fixed; that way GPSoft can find out exactly what the problem is and fix it (if it's a bug in Opus) or work around it (if it's something silly that was done by whatever program wrote the tags).

I am trying to attach files but i just keep getting an hour glass. It might be the network here, i am travelling. As soon as I can get the attachments to "take" I will provide you with 2 sample files.

Interesting. I use Musicmatch to tag all my music. I have tried altering the genre in the advanced tab of the XP proterties-summary. If i recall correctly, on one file i changed the genre from Soundtrack to Pop and Opus changed its genre from origianally (24) to (17). Strange. All other programs see genre correctly.

I would like this to work in Opus as i llike to do mass operations on files of different genre.

IT appears that due to some unknown issue that I will not be able to send these files via attachment here on the web site. When I return home I will be able to send the rar file.

If you wish me to send another way such as email let me know.

All... no need to attach files.

Anyone should be able to reproduce this by right-clicking on an mp3 in Opus, select Properties->Summary->Advanced, and edit the genre to something standard like one of things mentioned below (Rock). You should see the numeric genre value listed in Opus, but the text value listed in Explorer.

(9) = Metal
(13) = Pop
(17) = Rock
(24) = Soundtrack

Jon or Greg would have to confirm, but I don't believe Opus directly writes the tag data itself so much as calling into something in the Windows file system API for file properties. ID3 v1.x tag rules allow for numeric stamping of 'known/defined' genres, and client apps (like most media players and taggers) map the numeric values back to the genre 'text' value to show the user. I believe Opus does this fine as well... but seemingly only for v1.x tags! But unfortunately, like John and Nudel mentioned... some players (i.e. MusicMatch - and apparently the Windows file system api's themselves) still like to write those numeric values into v2.x tags. I guess Windows Explorer then just maps numeric genre values in v2.x tags the same as it does for v1.x tags... so you never notice this behaviour in Explorer.

If Opus does indeed just call into some Windows api to update the file properties/tag info (i.e. same as Explorer) it would then stand to reason Opus might need to do something ~similar to whatever Explorer is doing~ to map the resulting numeric genre value back to text for its own column display.

An update just came out which should fix the problems with the genre field:

[Directory Opus

"Fixed problem with Genre tag in ID3v2-tagged MP3 files (now supports (X) format where X references a genre from the ID3v1 spec)."

[quote="nudel"]An update just came out which should fix the problems with the genre field:

[Directory Opus

"Fixed problem with Genre tag in ID3v2-tagged MP3 files (now supports (X) format where X references a genre from the ID3v1 spec)."[/quote]

All Greek to me but i recognize "fix the problem" :wink: THANKS