Lister styles or folder formats?

is it better to control columns through lister styles or folder formats? i thought id ask because things seem to be getting mixed up on me.

which take precedence?

Folder Formats are generally the best way to govern this. The Folder Formats stored inside of a Liter Style only take effect when the Style is first applied (or reapplied). Afterward, the Folder Formats system takes over as you navigate to other folders. The only exception to this behavior is if the Lister Style also enables Format Lock, which will keep it's style in effect, until Format Lock is disabled (in which case the Folder Formats system will take over again), or if you applied a new Lister Style with its own Folder Format.

Follow the FAQ link in my signature and look for the Folder Formats FAQ, for more information.

thanks for the reply- maybe im not the only one that has formats vanish, then later reappear, then vanish, then come back after clicking around some etc- its a bit frustrating. i just lost a couple hours work, i dunno why, but its nothing i cant redo, but eventually, id like to have things stick

If you still have a specific question how to do something, post it back to this thread.

However, when you have a some time, take a read through this thread. There, you will see folks like Nudel, some other Opus users , and myself, discussing the current Formats/View Modes behavior and what some (so far all) of us feel the behavior should be. That thread may be discussing what you are experiencing. If it is, add your own ideas to that thread. That topic is still alive.

I also need a lot more time to analyze other related things things that are happening, but when it's all said and done, I will be submitting several Feature Request to GPSoftware with a list of improvements to how and when Formats (and View Modes) are applied and which takes precedence. This will also include recommendations for how Lister Styles (and their Formats and View Modes) come into play. I intentionally take my time on such requests because I like to get a feel for how newer Opus users relate to the topic. So, please, participate in that thread and let your ideas be heard. You will surely learn some things along the way as well.

Also, explain here how lost your Folder Formats work?

I'm actually not a new user, i've been using opus for around a year and a half. It was time I upgraded to a newer build and made some improvements to my config. In the past, I had things relatively stable and just dealt with any oddness that the program dealt me- its worth it in the end because of the added convenience as compared to windows file explorer. When you have a list of projects you want to work on over time, it can take some months to get around to everything, and at this point im trying to tackle opus for a bit. Once I get it configured well enough, I dont really wanna touch it for another year or so, its too easy to screw something up.

Thanks for your time and help

While you may not be new user to Opus, you might be new user to a particular feature. Folder Formats and Lister Styles were added in v8.x. I would argue they still suffer from some growing pains (which is what the thread I linked it about).

But you haven't really elaborated on what issues you are seeing, so I have no way of knowing what you have lost, or what you are trying to accomplish.