Lister title path

Is it possible when displaying dual Listers to have the Lister title to display what is different compared to the other Lister.
Lister 1: c:\workspace\Projects\MyProject\Dev\Controller
Lister 2: c:\workspace\Projects\MyProject\Main\Controller\

This will/might display like this
Lister 1: c:\workspace\Projects...\Controller
Lister 2: c:\workspace\Projects...\Controller\

What I'm interested in this scenario is knowing what one is Dev and what one is Main. Sometimes I can what I need in the address bar, but not always.
If its not possible would you consider it as a feature enhancement?

Cheers all

Not quite what you asked for but may be helpful nevertheless; when you hover your mouse over a tab you can see the full path.

For specific folders, you could also set background colours/images and save the formats. This gives you a visual "brand".

Regards, AB

Good point re-tab hover. Thanks AB

You could also rename the tabs themselves to DEV and MAIN... and save that as a tab group or layout.

Also a good suggestion. I will set up a couple of folder I use often. However I'm working with many projects that have many branches. I could manually configure each folder and prob will for a couple I use often, an automatic solutions would be handy.

Leo could you make a call and add it to the feature request if you think its worth it? Or I could send an email.
Feature request: Relating to the Lister title path, could Dopus compare source and destination paths and see if there is anything similar about them. If there is adjust what is displayed in the Lister title to show what is different.