Lister unresponsive after trying to access EXT4 formatted SD Card how to fix?

If I put an EXT4 formatted microSD card into my USB card reader, insert it, and then click on it in the Dopus Lister, the lister becomes unresponsive (title says "not responding") even if I then remove the card reader. Other listers stay responsive.

How do I close just that one unresponsive lister window without quitting DOpus completely?

This is not the first time a lister started hanging and never became responsive. It seems to happen mostly with USB drives, such as USB drives on hubs or SD Card/Memory Card readers on USB ports etc.

Usually I just force quit Directory Opus and restart, but it is becoming annoying, especially when other listers are running long copy operations. And also I fell like should never have to force quit the whole program but should be able to force quit just one lister and/or get response back from a lister.

Of course, ideally a lister should never "hang" forever, but at least become responsive again after a few minutes or so.

What happens with Explorer?

The OS itself has probably become stuck in an API call (possibly due to a bad hardware or filesystem driver which never returns, or takes a very long time to return; antivirus could also be involved as it inserts itself at a similar level). If so there is no way to cancel the call, and it is a bug outside of Opus. Leaving the window and opening a new one is the best you can do.

Explorer works fine. It just happened again in DirectoryOpus, it seems to happen mostly when I access a drawer that is also being written to by another program, or a device that is also being queried by another program. For example Disk Management in Control Panel is trying to check the partitions on the drive, or a scraper writing images to a folder that I am also trying to access with DirectoryOpus.

Is there maybe a way to send crash reports from within DOpus after it becomes unresponsive? I get the annoying "Windows is trying to solve the problem" when I force quit, but that has never done anything for me.

You can do this to generate a crash dump, but if it indicates the driver is locked up there won't be much we can do, other than suggest reporting the problem and sending the dump to the EXT4 port authors. It's possible it could be something within Opus though, so we're happy to take a look if you send them to us.

While it's happening, please go to Task Manager, then the Details tab, right-click dopus.exe and select Create Dump File.

Do that 4 or 5 times, and it should create something like:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\dopus (2).DMP
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\dopus (3).DMP
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\dopus (4).DMP
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\dopus (5).DMP

The files will be large, but compress well.

If sending more than one file, using the 7z format instead of zip will give a much reduced size. You can do this via the Archive Files button in Opus.

Please zip or 7z the files and email them to (it's best not to post full dumps publicly to the forum).

Thanks for the information I will do this the next time it happens.