Lister update during copy action to remote drive


when I have running a copy/move action to a remote drive like \server\folder (not mapped to a drive letter) the lister from which I started the action doesn't reflect/update changes of any file modifications I do in the meanwhile (also in directories which are not related to the copy/move action) as long as the copy/move action lasts. I always have to refresh manually with F5 to see an updated listing of files. Is this a feature?


Directory Opus 11.4.5229/Windows 7 x64

See Changes to folders are not always detected for possible reasons for that.

I looked at the article referenced and none of the first seven points indicates my case.

These are local drives (means they are not related in any way to the network drive which is involved in the file operation) which update very lately. Lately means at least 5 seconds sometimes longer. The change in Windows Explorer is however immediately. And it is not limited to the Lister which started the file operation but any open Lister window.

It is not a problem when I change one or two file but when I do numerous file changes. In particular when the file operation takes some time (meaning it's elaborating a queue) It is confusing and sometimes cumbersome not seeing the updates happening instantly. As said as soon as I make a refresh with F5 the lister tab is updated correctly.

When I'll find the time I do a debug with DebugView to see better what happens.


If the drives are mounted as folders on another drive instead of drive letters, there's a known issue with that and recent versions:

no auto-refresh content on dir-mounted external drive