Listers not updating

This is a problem I have experienced for a while.

I always have my listers in Commander style (two vertical listers). Everything is fine but every so often the listers stop updating the file list if I copy, move, etc. files one to another directory. It is as if it no longer detects that there has been any changes and updates the lister.

Quiting Opus and restarting it fixes this issue. It is not a major problem but it is becoming very annoying. This seems to happen when Opus has been running for a long time, 24 - 48 hours. I don't know if this is a contributing factor or if the time frame of Opus running effects this but it does seem coincidental.

FAQ: Changes to folders are not always detected

Also, which version of Opus?

After having read that I'll have to debug Opus 9 when the problem next arises and report back when I find something. It is not associated with a network (or removable) drive so there must be something else involved.