Live view of network share?

Something I've noticed Windows Explorer can do on Windows 7 is display a live view of a Network Share--new files will appear in the folder view without having to refresh.

Is there a setting that would allow DO to do the same?

You probably have detect external changes on network drives turned off. I think it's on by default but may have been off by default in the past.

See the FAQ for more info and other possibilities: Changes to folders are not being detected.

That option wasn't enabled, but it is now without any change.

My network share is from a Thecus N3200 NAS which runs a version of Linux and I'm sure is using SAMBA.

It never surprised me that DO and Windows Explorer never seen changes to folders on this drive. But it does suprise me that Explorer on Windows 7 can. I'm sure Vista can't and am positive that XP can't. I assumed Explorer on Win7 is doing something new that has yet to be replicated in DO.

I did try debugging but the events don't appear.