Load Folder into EncSpot (Free or Pro)

I always found this piece of soft quite useful. Here's a short description for those who haven't heard of it:

[quote]EncSpot is a software that will report useful facts about your mp3 collection.

EncSpot's most famous feature is its ability to guess which encoder was used to encode each file also, it will also give you a general idea of the audio quality of the file.

For files encoded with Lame (and thats what everyones using, right?) EncSpot can read the Lame Tag which gives detailed information on the switches used when the file was encoded.

GuerillaSoft (the devs) lost their domain, so to download the free version one must take alternative routes, such as this one. It works in every Windows OS x86 and x64.

I'm attaching the buttons for both versions in the same .rar file, although I have only tested it under Win7 x64.
FolderToEncSpot.rar (644 Bytes)

Are you sure you've got EncSpot's command-line right?

You're passing it /fp:"{filepath$}" which is exactly the same as MP3Tag's (unusual) syntax.

Does EncSpot have the same command-line syntax as MP3Tag or did you just copy it from the MP3Tag buttons without realising?

The {filepath$} part of the command is an Opus code which inserts the file path. The /fp: part, however, is part of MP3Tag's syntax, not anything to do with Opus and not a standard command-line syntax. It's possible EncSpot uses the same syntax but I'd be surprised.

Yes, it works flawlessly in my system. Of course, this assumes that EncSpot Pro (or free) is installed where the install routine defaults it (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\GuerillaSoft\EncSpot).

I did test it before posting and it does exactly what I want it to do: highlight or choose a folder, click the button, and all files inside that folder will be loaded onto EncSpot.

But I didn't answer your question. I sort of took a clue from the MP3Tag button, but went my own way and it didn't work, so by trial and error I went back to the same syntax as the MP3Tag one. Strange, isn't itr?

What happens if you remove the /fp: part? I bet EncSpot is skipping over it and it's only working through luck.

You are absolutely right. Talk about bloat!! Hahaha, sorry, I didn't realize that it simply ignored that portion. It does work anyway, but the proper thing to do is to trim that extra piece of code. Thanks very much leo.