Load/Unload floating Toolbar by scripting externally triggered

Good morning everyone,

I tried to find a way to load/unload a floating toolbar by a script.
I'm using "Mobile Net Switch" to switch my computers configuration to the location I am, and would like to load a custom made floating toolbar for every location.

I managed to create the toolbar and a toggle button within DOPUS, but how can I toggle this from a script?
Suppose that I have to use dopusRT.exe, but after reading a significant number of threads and manuals here, I couldn't find that link I need, or I simply didn't understand it...

Thank you for those who assist me in this matter..

DOpusRT.exe docs are here: DOpusRT Reference.

You can use dopusrt.exe /cmd ... to run an Opus command from outside of Opus.

(Or /acmd, which is often better. The difference shouldn't matter in this case if you're just toggling floating toolbars.)

Goodmorning Leo,

Thank you for your fast answer!

Yes, this I have read, but my problem is how I can call the toolbar?
Is it just the same as in the button: "Toolbar NAME=VACON STATE=float, APPBAR=right TOGGLE"?

So it would be "dopusrt.exe /cmd Toolbar NAME=VACON STATE=float, APPBAR=right TOGGLE"?

Thank you,


That should work, yes.

Did you try it and find problems?

Remember to use the full path to dopusrt.exe, and put quotes around the path and anything else that contains spaces. (Only the dopusrt.exe path should need quotes with the command in your post, but others may need quotes around arguments that contain spaces.)

(Looks like there is also a stray , in your command, after the float.)

Hi Leo,

Thank you for your help...

I have only the idea that turning "on" the floating bar is not always working stable, let me give it some time to find this out...

Have a good day!