Loading temporary .rtf files makes previewer hang

When opening name.rtf file an extra small ~ame.rtf file seems to be created. The second filename appears "in light" the folderpane (kind of light greyed out). Unsure what process invokes this behaviour, probably word. But the effect is that when accidentally clicking that ~ame.rtf file Dopus hangs trying to generate a preview (preview says "loading" and nothing happens). It happens maybe like 10 times a day. I've tried to circumvent by disabling the viewer pane, but it's not workable because we generate so many rtf files a day. Any idea how to avoid this kind of behaviour?

Which software is editing the file? Word, Wordpad, or something else? Let me know and I'll see if I can reproduce it.

The RTF viewer is part of Windows, not Opus, assuming that is the viewer which is hanging, but we might be able to add some checks to avoid the probem.

Out of interest, does the same problem affect File Explorer's viewer pane?

If you configure the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin in Opus (Preferences / Viewers / Plugins) and disable anything in there with .RTF assigned to it, does the problem still happen? If not, re-enable them one at a time to see which one is hanging.

(For example, there is an RTF preview handler, but RTF may also be assigned to Microsoft Word (Legacy), if that has been turned on.)

We could probably add a workaround to the viewer so it won't ask other components to display RTF files that start with a ~ if that is needed.

Will check these points off. Will need some time, heavy workload nowadays... thx!

Word is editing the file.

In File Explorer (W11) this happens:

Previewing .rtfs works nicely and there seems no ~file to be generated.

But in folders where I have found such a ~file, the previewer hangs for a half a second and then displays this in the preview pane:

... and afterwards previewing .rtf files is inpossible.

Going back to .pdf or whatever works perfectly.

So in short.

There is something that triggers generating ~files that doesn't occur in explorer. If an ~file
is there, also microsoft word previewer hangs, but not to the extent that the whole explorer stalls.

Adding some extra info. Now I notice the ~ file triggers opening this hidden screen:

And this is the culprit!

No idea how to circumvent this.

That is a bug in Microsoft's preview handler.

Preview handlers should never open a separate window like that, and definitely not in the background. When I reproduce it here, it also then opens a huge, blank Word window after closing the conversion dialog.

It's something Microsoft should really fix but obviously they are a completely useless company who won't even respond to a bug report like this, so we'll make the viewer pane ignore ~*.rtf files instead.


I was already looking if W11 could automatically block opening these files, but it's not possible and even so, they will have a function at some point.