Local Toolbars vs Global ones

I would really really like to see toolbars that were not global to all layouts. In other words, LOCAL toolbars that are specific TO a layout. As it stands now, Opus does have a LOCAL argument to the toolbar command, and it works nicely as far as it goes, but I would like a scenario where (for example) I open a graphics layout, that had the gfx toolbar turned on, and other unneeded toolbars turned off.

You may ask "why not just toggle the toolbars on and off as needed?" which would be a fair question. My answer is simple. I use TWO or more listers as my basic Opus layout, and when I want or need to use just one lister maximised, I have 50% of my toolbars empty. :frowning:

Was there really no response to this?

I think everyone agrees it's a good idea and hopefully we'll see it one day. Not much more to say about it really, although it's been brought up in a few threads after this one.

I know I submitted one related bug report and one related feature request to the official support queue on this subject. I'm sure others have also submitted similar ideas. Like Nudel says above, there is no telling if/when the ideas will be implemented, but there is fairly strong support for them

My suggestion was that the default state of toolbars should actually be local, not global (the default state today). Or more accurately, that a local toolbar state would always override a global state (the opposite of today's behavior).

Thus, if the user wants to turn on a toolbar globally, they should use a GLOBAL option (which doesn't exist today). Such a command would actually open the named toolbar locally, but in all currently open listers (a global effect). And since the toolbar state would actually be local, the same toolbar could be closed individually in each open lister, after having been opened "globally" in all of them, without affecting the state of the same toolbar in any other open listers.

I also requested that open toolbars and their states were stored as part of Lister Styles and Lister Layouts.

If you have further related ideas to add to the subject, feel free to discuss them here.