Locating dialog

If I run various scripts setup in DO, like adding files to a zip archive, and then click into some other window while that runs, I can't get back to the dialog it opens without minimizing all of the windows I have open until I find it. Is there a way to go right to the dialog?

The progress dialogs should appear on your taskbar and in the alt-tab list by default.

Have you turned off Preferences - Listers - Options: Show Lister "footprint" on Windows task bar by any chance?

That option is on but the dialog doesn't show in either the task bar or alt-tab window.

I could swear I've bumped into this before as well depending on the command, and probably just ignored it and moved on.

but it probably is dependent on the actual commands being used... can you supply an example set of commands you run that always results in this behavior for us to test with?

I'm just using, mostly, the built-in IZArc option which just uses the AddtoZip command, as far as I know.

Not sure what you mean... There is no "IZArc" stuff built into Opus... So please be specific and I'll try to reproduce when I get back on a PC with Opus...

Do you mean the built-in "Directory Opus Zip" commands or something from you having installed IZArc? How are you starting the operation... From a 'buttonb' or from a context menu selection... The devil is in the details :wink:.

Could you post a screenshot of the progress dialog? It sounds like you're talking about IZArc's dialog which Opus has no control over.

I don't recall installing IZArc but it has been years so it is entirely possible. The other problem I was having was with a script that converts a directory to a zip file. But I just tried that and it does show up in alt-tab so it seems it is because of IZArc being called and there isn't anything to be done for it.

That progress windows definitely comes from IZArc. I recognise it since I used to use it myself.

It's nothing to do with Opus so you'll have to ask the IZArc guys. Since their progress window has the "Tool Window" style (you can tell by the thinner-than-usual titlebar) it won't appear on the windows Taskbar and thus won't appear in the Alt-Tab list.

It sounds like you're not bothered whether you use IZArc or the internal Opus zip functions so you could just uninstall IZArc or turn off its Zip context menu items and turn on Opus's instead. (IZArc handles a few archive formats that Opus doesn't so you might still find it useful even if you don't use it for Zip and RAR.)

If I look in Preferences->Zip Files->Integration, it already has "Activate Opus zip file handling" enabled. Is that what you mean by turning that on? How do I turn off IZArc? The IZArc package has a number of options I regularly use but I would like to see what it looks like with just DO.

You should also turn on the Add context menu items for 'Extract files from ZIP' option, assuming that your aim is to be able to right-click files and extract them with Opus.

You don't need to turn off IZArc. The Opus and IZArc zip context menu items are separate because the two things are completely separate programs.

If both program's context menu items are enabled then you'll see both when you right-click and you can choose to click on either.

Of course, if you don't think you're going to use IZArc's menu items then they'll just get in the way and you will want to remove them. If you're not going to use IZArc at all then you could uninstall it. I expect it also has configuration options to control whether or not it adds its context menu items but since I don't have it installed on this machine I can't look to see. If you need help configuring IZArc then I suggest the IZArc forum: izarc.org/forum/