Location Bar Settings

In my version 12 Opus configuration, on the Location Bar I had an Icon that when clicked would give a size for all of the folders that were currently displayed; it would recursively total up all the file sizes within the folder and display that size in the lister against the folders. I found this particularly useful for rooting out any empty folders. I cannot remember how I got this Icon onto the Location bar, or even where to find it now. This Icon disappeared when upgrading to version 13. Could anyone help me retrieve this very useful feature please?

The command is GetSizes, it is assigned by default to Ctrl-K.

Opus 13 has support for Everything, maybe you don't even need that button anymore:

Everything can also be used for instant folder size calculation.

Everything (indexed search)

If 13 was installed over 12 and told to reset any edited toolbars, there should still be backups of them which you can find in Customize / Toolbars.

The section on Toolbars in the Upgrade Tips has more detail.