Location (clickable) field display bug


I've recently installed Dopus (4645) on the familial Windows 7 computer (32 bits). I've only encountered a single bug but, as all bugs, it can be a bit annoying. The default layout has a clickable Location field and it displays both the clickable text AND the editable text at the same time:

When clicked/edited:

When hovering one of the clickable elements:

The issue is also present when adding other fields of the same type (specifically the "clickable" one, all others are fine being simple text fields). I have looked at the recent beta change logs but this doesn't seem to have been mentioned.

Are you using a custom theme / visual style for Windows?

I seem to be using the Windows 7 Basic theme with no background and maybe a few color changes, but nothing else. Admittedly this is not my computer and I'm more familiar with XP configuration, so I might have done something on this computer I'm unaware of.

It looks like parts of the theme are missing, which could happen if Opus is run under compatibility mode, perhaps. (Details of how to check are here.) It may also indicate something wrong with the Windows install, or that there's something installed which modifies the way themes work (e.g. WindowBlinds).

If you switch to the full "Windows 7" theme (with Aero/transparency etc.) do things look correct? What if you then switch back to "Windows 7 Basic"? Or what about "Windows Classic"?

What does Explorer's location field look like?

Good catch, it was running in compatibility mode (probably because I set it up that way with a much older version of Dopus on this computer). Thanks for this very quick help!