Location control - feature request


I have an idea for location control feature. I'm using dual view, and I have one Location control and one Search control above each lister in dual view.
What I would like to have is a hotkey for location control dropdown. I have hotkey for location but it only sets focus to textbox.

Since I use keyboard alot while working I would like to have for example ALT+F1 hotkey for left location dropdown, and ALT+F2 for right location dropdown.
That would be useful for quickly selecting a drive.

I could use drive list button, but location is far more powerfull to not have this feature.
Is this possible?


I mean Path (breadcrumbs) type of control.

Are you after the dropdown you get when you push F4 after giving focus to the location field, or something different?

No, I mean this dropdown, when you click in first arrow in breadcrumbs.

Unfortunately the current toolbar design does not allow more than one hotkey to be defined for a button / toolbar item, so adding "another" hotkey option to the field isn't possible. What we could do, however, is add a key that would pop open that menu once the path field had focus. So you would be able to push F4 to give focus to the field, and then another key (for example, F5) to drop-down the menu.

Would that be good enough?

Could there be some command argument to set alternate field hotkey behaviour?
For example, I almost never type anything in path textbox, so focusing is not something I need. If I want to type I can use mouse.
So for example that I can put inside arguments something like hotkeybehaviour:

driveroot,hidedesktopfolders,hotkeybehaviour=1,size=0+0+0+3+3, left

If I do that then default hotkey will display dropdown menu instead of focus. You could then define maybe some other behaviours as well.
Just an idea! Don't know if that is possible.

Another hotkey for dropdown menu (like F5) when path is in focus would be a useful feature regardless of this alternate field hotkey behaviour that I mentioned.


Yes good idea, we could probably add that as well.