Location of Find Results when searching both sides of Dual Lister

I am using a dual vertical lister. I want to run a file search in each one of the two displays. I do the first search in the left display. As I expect, the search in the left display shows the find results also in the left display. However, when I then run the search in the right display, instead of showing the results in the right display, it overwrites the results in the left display, hereby making the results from the previous search in the left display disappear. However, I need the results from the search in the left display to appear in the left display, and the results of the search in the right display to appear in the right display. How can I do that?



Thanks Ixp. I tried, but to no avail. The first search (in the left display) creates a new tab in the left display, but then when I run the search in the right display, it overwrites again the results from the previous (left) search in that new tab! I mean that's really amazing, it doesn't even have the idea to create a 2nd new tab, even though it definitely should according to the option chosen in the "Show results in" selector...

If the specified Results Collection is already visible in the lister, it won't navigate to it in the other side or open a new tab for it, since the results are already visible and you'd just end up seeing the same thing in two places.

What you need to do, if you want to see two results collections at once, is edit the name of the Results Collection field (seen at the top of Lxp's screenshot, and usually filled in with "Find Results") for one of the two sides. That way they each get distinct results instead of one's results replacing the other's.

Remember that Find Results in Opus are persistent, so they need to go into a named thing. They'll then remain available until either overwritten with new results or deleted (by deleting the collection from the level above it).

This also means you can do several searches, each into a different collection, and then look at the different results afterwards without losing any of them, and without needing a second file display at all.

There is an option to automatically add (1) to the end of the results collection name when doing two Find operations in parallel, but that won't have any effect if you do one and then, after it finishes, the other.

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Thanks Leo. I did what you suggested and it worked. Now, I would still consider this solution a work-around. Firstly, because I have to edit the name of the Results Collection Field. Secondly, by clicking into the right display, I make the right display the source, hence, according to the option chosen in the "Show results in" selector, intuitively I ought to see the results in the source, i.e. in the right display. I don't see the connection with the persistence, results can be persistent wherever they are displayed. It should be easy to show the results of the first, left search in a "Find results" tab in that left display, and then show the results from the right search in a tab called "Find results (1)" in the right display. All that should be easy to automate, and IMHO, be more intuitive. Thanks again for your help!

If you use two different names for the results (or navigate to another folder so the first results aren't showing) then it should open the results in the side you are using.

It just avoids opening a second copy of the same results when the named collection is already visible, as that would usually be pointless.

They are persistent on disk. You can close the window, reboot the machine, and they will still be there under the Collections folder if you navigate to it. You can have as many Find Results there as you want, for as long as you still need them.

If you do the two searches with two different names then that's what will happen already.

It won't automatically add (1) to the name when you do a search on the right hand side, though. I guess it could, but then what if you do a search in a completely separate window? There isn't really any way for Opus to know whether or not you are finished using your old results or not.

The reality is that people usually do not want to keep old results around, so everything is geared up for that by default. In the rare cases where you do want to keep more than one set of results, you can either rename the first results collection after making it (so it isn't overwritten on the next search) or edit the Find panel so that it outputs the second set of results to a different collection.