Lock a Floating ToolBar until custom is needed

I have set up a floating toolbar and made it my default toolbar. I have other listers that I use with toolbars that are not the same. My concern is that if I change any of my other toolbars that are on different listers that they have no effect on my default floating toolbar.

When I originally set up my floating toolbar as the default lister I had to make a choice.

  1. Also save the default toolbar set
  2. Disable the update default lister automatic option.

If for some reason down the road I decided to make a different lister my default, very unlikely. Will this have any bearing on this floating toolbar? In other words, I would like to protect this floating toolbar from myself unless I use custom to make changes.

Sorry but I am confused here. There seem to be unrelated terms being used interchangeably.

A floating toolbar cannot be a default lister, for example. Listers are not toolbars. Listers can contain toolbars, but they can't contain floating toolbars (the whole point of a floating toolbar is it not part of a lister).

Can you describe exactly what you have done?

This might help.
If I try "Save This Lister" I will see several checkboxes and the following are the two that concern me:
a. Ignore folder formats saved within this layout.
b. Ignore toolbars saved within this layout.

What effects would the two items listed above have on closing a layout.

Lister Layouts only (optionally) store the toolbars which are part of listers.

Floating toolbars are separate from listers, and not affected by layouts at all.