Lock Tab (allow folder changes) purpose

Hello. I'm just curious what the use of "Lock Tab (allow folder changes)" is. I don't understand the difference between that and just having the tab unlocked.

Thanks in advance! Loving the new version btw!

You can return to the tab's folder by clicking the tab when it's already active.

Ah. That makes sense. Thanks!

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Is the tabs home folder exposed to scripting? If not can it be exposed please?

I don't think there's a way to get the path at the moment, but there are commands to go to the path, if that's what you want it for.

I was writing a small script that would monitor the OnBeforeFolderChange event. If the tab is locked (allowing changes), it would compare the tabs home path with new path. If the new path is a child, it would allow navigation in same tab, else open it in new tab.