Lock Up when Printing


We are running DO 11 on 32 Bit Windows 7 machines within a Citrix VDI in a Box environment.

When a user prints an Excel spreadsheet or other document from within the office application while the same file is open in the viewer pane in Opus Opus will either lock up entirely or the viewer pane plugin will crash.

This behavior is consistent and occurs whether "Open Temporary Copies" is enabled or otherwise.

Windows event viewer shows no log in the application section regarding an app hang or crash.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

Opus 11.18 or older?

Which version of MS Office?

Are you using the preview handler viewers, or is it falling back on Office itself embedded in the viewer pane? (It should tell you next to the filename at the top of the viewer panel. You may need to make it wide enough to see the whole thing.)

What happens if you do the same thing using Windows Explorer's preview pane instead of Opus?

(If Windows Explorer cannot preview the files at all, you probably do not have the preview handlers installed, either due to a damaged Office install or a very old version of MS Office from before preview handlers existed. For recent versions of Office, a repair or reinstall should fix that. On the other hand, if you see the same problem with Explorer, then you know the issue is entirely on the Office side of things.)