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LockHunter Context Menu

Seems Directory Opus and Explorer have slightly different context menus. I would prefer the explorer context menu and all the options for the same files..

Also, how would I edit the context menu to display what explorer displays?

Hmmm, don't see an edit function.

Anyway, I'll explain further. I'm operating under Windows 7 64 bit. Installed and application called "LockHunter" when you select the file the program entry is in the context menu, allowing you to unlock the file from usage, helps deleting files that are just too stubborn to delete.

It displays in the explorer context menu, but not within the Directory Opus context menu, and it's a bit annoying when I have to open explorer then unlock that file, as I do this quite often. I was able to edit the "lister context" menu, and add the program there just to open with in the same window that i'm currently working in, but that's a bit tedious, since I still need to provide the full UNC and file name to unlock.

The best way, that I see, would for DO to allow the same context menu entries as explorer and let the user decide what should be displayed or not.

Have you looked here:

Preferences>>Miscellaneous>>Windows Integration

Then see the "Hide Windows items on the file context menu".

Play with it and see if it helps.

There are other ways to deal with the issue you raise, like creating a context menu in DOpus. Just spend a bit of time in the Help file and this place. Or wait for a real expert to chip in.

By the way, they might also warn you against toys like "LockHunter". They have been known to wreak damage on an otherwise stable system.

Yep, have that option disabled. Some explorer context settings display, but not all.

I just downloaded lockhuntersetup64.exe and installed it on a Windows 7 64-bit machine that has Opus 64-bit and it seems to work okay within Opus (screenshot below).

Did you install the 64-bit LockHunter?

Do you get any context menu at all for the files you're trying to right-click?

Can you try right-clicking a file that isn't locked, if you haven't already? (It seems to add the menu to all files for me.)

What if you hold shift when right-clicking?

None. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Shift does not override.

Directory Opus


a bit annoying, cant edit our posts. uploaded incorrect image, but it does display what is not showing that should. yes it's 64 bit.

You can attach images to the forum post directly, you don't need to use an image host.

Try turning on context menu debug information, as described under "Finding the Culprit" here, to see which context menus items Opus is trying to display.

It looks like a bunch are missing so it's possible one of them is crashing when Opus queries it and that could be causing Opus to give up building the menu and display what it has so far. The debug output may indicate which extension is causing the conflict if that's the case.

Also, have a look under Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced: ignore_context_menus in case anything is listed there. If a menu crashes repeatedly, Opus may add it to the ignore list automatically. (The list is normally blank.)

PS: There's a FAQ on why post editing is disabled.

Well, ran the debug and nothing in there showing LockHunter. I placed each one in Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced: ignore_context_menus and hadn't resolved anything.

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Just removed both DO and LockHunter and reinstalled. Works fine now. Thanks.