Log to Tablet like a drive?

Using v12.19 64bit.

For the last 6 months I've been using my Samsung tablet as a quickie scanner. I take photos of important and other documents, some 30 or so per month. It saves wear and tear on my slow printer / scanner.

After each scanner session, every two weeks or so, I tap my tablet's Gallery icon, select all the photos, then select the "share via" icon to transfer all files in that folder to a folder on a Win 10 folder, "Repository Android". In no time the files are copied over wifi after which I delete the Samsung files so the Gallery is ready for my next session.

Something's gone awry on the tablet and I may have to do a complete system restore.

As an alternative, I am wondering if I can use Opus to log onto my Samsung tablet, as if to another drive -- then transfer the files more directly and easily.

Or, is there an easier way?

All needed info here:

FTP usually works better.

Thank you, lxp -- and, of course, Leo for that comprehensive tip.