Logitech setpoint & Dopus 8

Hi All,

I'm running Logitech's Setpoint 2.14 and the latest version of Dopus 8.

I'm experiencing something annoying with my listers. When I'm using the scroll wheel, a lister will scroll as well as the window in question.

Has anybody experienced this problem?



Does it happen no matter what the other window is? (i.e. with all programs?)

Does it only happen if an Opus lister is at least one of the windows in question?

Which window has the focus when you move the wheel? The lister or the other window?

Does part of the lister and/or the window have to be under the mouse pointer when it happens?

Does it happen in all the time when Opus listers, or only when the viewer pane is open, for example?

If two windows from two separate applications are getting the same mousewheel messages that sounds like it could only be a bug in SetPoint (unless one application is, for some strange reason, forwarding on scroll message to other windows). For what it's worth, I use the Logitech MouseWare drivers without any problems.

There may also be options in SetPoint about which windows receive scroll messages. If there are it's worth playing with them to see if it makes a difference, but the behaviour you describe (if I've understood correctly) sounds like a bug in the mouse drivers, because the scrollwheel mouse messages should only go to one application. (Some drivers only send it to the app with input focus, some send it to the app under the mouse, but none should send it to two apps at once!)

Only a quick reply as I've not a lot of time atm.

I use a Logitech MX1000 laser mouse doodah with the setpoint 2.14.106 and dopus 8 with no problems. In fact only problem at all system wide is The Bat! won't 'page up/down' off the extra mouse buttons when on monitor 2.

Settings wise I can't see what might cause you a problem, for the record use Low Acceleration, no trials and smart move is off is in the settings.