Long delay in file display during file operations

I observe long delay when performing file operations.

Test case:
I have 13 files in a directory (local SSD). Each file is a txt file named 1.txt to 13.txt, content is 3 bytes long ("1" and new line).
If I move those files, either:

  • by selecting them & drag&dropping them to a parent folder (with same permissions)
  • or by selecting them and using a shortcut using COPY MOVE

It looks like this:
several files are moved immediately (3-7 of them). Then there's a 1 second delay. Then the rest of the files are moved. I suppose all files are moved immediately and it's just a view refreshing thing.

If I have 100 files instead, different number (that varies a lot, sometimes it's 3, sometimes 80) of them are moved immediately, and the rest after a second.

I can see this delay not only while drag&dropping files but also when using many other buttons. The case above is just the simplest way to reproduce.

I'm usually using list view but on details view it's the same.

Could you please test if this is also the case for you, suggest a solution or how to debug the core issue?

Changes are batched and also slightly delayed (so that things like "rename, replace, delete" sequences can be treated like the file was modified rather than deleted).

The notify_max_time and notify_min_item settings in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced can be used to tweak this to an extent, but should usually be left as-is.

I think that's not it.

I tried changing it to different values, like 2, 500, 2000 and nothing really changed. It's neither faster or slower now.