Long delay switching focus

Since upgrading from 9 to 10 I am getting long delays when switching focus to tabs, or folders - generally between 10 and 20 seconds. Im running W8 and Dops on an ssd drive, have 8g ddr3 and i5 processor and plenty of space on disks, so dont think it's hardware related. Ive tried disabling antivirus and other similar programmes, but no better. I have a network of 4 computers and have tabs open to at least one of them all the time, so I suppose that there may be some network check of some kind going on, but didnt get that problem with v9. Have there been any known instances of this (I tried plowing thru the forum) and can anyone suggest a setting that may be causing this?

I may have resolved this problem. I believe, as I indicated above, that having tabs to network folders open, even if the pc concerned is on, is the cause of the delay. I made all the tabs on both sides focus only on the host pc's folders and had no delays. I'm assuming that's because either Dopus (or maybe windows processing) is checking out the network folders. In which case, can anyone recommend the best settings to speed up network discoovery (if there are any) and also explain why I didnt have that problem in v9 (now running 10.5)

If you turn off the Location toolbar, do you still get the delays?

Location toolbar is not being used - just "Menu", "Lister Menu" and "Toolbar", although there are links to locations on lister menu buttons.

Try turning off all the toolbars. If it helps (it might not, of course), turn them back on one at a time to identify which one might be slowing things down.

No, toolbars arent the problem. As I said above I worked out it is to do with having multiple tabs open pointing to network drives. Didn't used to have any problems with v9 but seems to be happening with 10. If I change all the tabs to local folders they open straight away.