Long file name display problem, need help

I found that in DO, long file name display is a problem.

When a file name contains much information, with length over 100 (less than 255), it's whole display would be a problem.

For example:

(20200102-130843)Noodle#Delicious#Friend@John@Henry^John_and_I_learned_cooking_noodle,_his cousin_was_naughty_by_side.mp4
(20200102-130843)Noodle#Delicious#Friend@John@Henry^John and I learned cooking noodle, his cousin was naughty by side.mp4

The non-space file name above can't displayed in multiline with Thumbnail display mode unless I manually add spaces to it's proper place:

More over, the metadata pane don't have a multiline filename column. So it's not easy to see the whole file name.

The only way I can find to show the whole name, is to hover the mouse on the file, wait for some time, see the popup info:

But that method is slow, no efficiency. Plus, the popup info box is too wide, it'd be better if it can auto-warp when the filename is too long.

Is there a proper way of handling bunch of long filename files? (I use filename with sufficient information to manage my photos and videos, it really matters)

An possible solution is a feature request to make the filename column (in details + thumbnail mode) be able to show multiline filename when the filename is too long How many lines permitted could be controlled by the thumbnail column size or the character numbers.

Just like this: