Long file names in Thumbnail View

Is there a way to get DOpus 10's Thumbnail view to display/wrap long file names that don't have any spaces in the same way that Windows Explorer does in Windows 7? Or at least expand the file name display when the file is selected? Screen shots below.

NB: If the long file names have enough spaces, then DOPus 10 displays the full file name nicely.

Current DOpus 10 behavior (unselected, selected and with spaces):

Windows Explorer behavior (Windows 7, no spaces in long file name):


As far as I know there's no way to change it.

You could add {filename} to the InfoTip that appears when you hover over the files, if that helps. That's done via Settings -> File Types, and in this case you'd probably want to edit File Type Groups -> Movies near the top.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the tip. It works great. All I need is a way to differentiate quickly between "longfilename_01" and "longfilename_02"