Looking for basic getting started video


If it is available, could someone provide a link or directions to a Directory Opus basics or getting started video?

I recently downloaded and installed Directory Opus 10 (Pro edition) and I am anxious to progress through the learning curve. Past experience with other applications has taught me that I learn much more quickly and thoroughly by watching instructional videos than by reading through many pages of a help file. Thus, while I did find the online Directory Opus 10 documentation as well as a number of YouTube videos discussing very specific topics or the new features in a given version, I have not been able to locate any videos focusing on just the basics of getting started. If such a video(s) exists, I would be grateful if someone could provide information re where it can be found.

Many thanks. :slight_smile:

There are a few different (text-based) introductory tutorials and several videos, but there isn't an introductory video tutorial, at least that I know of at the moment.

OK, thanks for the prompt reply Leo.

If possible, could you point me to one or two of the most popular introductory tutorials you referenced?

Thanks again.

Have a look through the tutorials list, it's not long.

Actually, looking at that, the "My courseware presentation on Dopus (inc. v10)" one might be what you want.