Loose Bug Reports

i copied a small PDF-file
from C:\folder1\folder2\small3.pdf
to C:\folder3\folder4\folder5\small3.pdf (in fact, it was a subfolder of %TEMP%),
then moved a selection from there (incl. the small3.pdf) to the parent folder (i.e. %TEMP%).
Finally i selected all PDF's in %TEMP% root and moved them back to folder2.

Interestingly i didnt get a Replace File warning message. Even after pressing F5, the Dopus lister (DO10.0.1.2) displayed

With MS-DOS command dir /p i checked if there were 2 instances of that file. There werent, of course!
Then i killed dopus.exe & dopusrt.exe, relaunched Dopus and wanted to create a screenshot of the quote but there was only a single file called "small3.pdf". Too late for a screenshot and .. too tiny/rare of a bug to report because i cant reproduce it. In any case the above is my sincere report fwiw. :astonished:

If i happen to encounter further tiny bugs of similar order of curiosity, i will add the reports loosely to this thread (and will try not to miss screenshots)..

Have a great weekend all, best, placebo

What is Folder1 and Folder2?

If it is something that shows a merged view of two folders that could explain what happened.

Or the problem could be Opus not tracking changes below Temp on your system for some reason. Does it happen for other types of change and other file types? Have you looked at the FAQ on changes not being detected?

BTW, there is no need to kill any process and no reason to exit dopusrt.exe at all. See the FAQ on exiting Opus.

Dear leo i am so sorry that i dont have more info or observational points than the ones already provided. Folder1 and 2 are simple folder names and although i had been using Flat View Grouped and or File Filters (for "pdf") in both folder2 and folder5, the result was most looking most funny (or curious). 2 files with the same name listed right next to each other in the same folder with all Flat View's and File Filter's turned OFF. Refreshing the lister's view (F5) to resort the files (sorting after file name or other) didnt change that. I could even select the 2 files and the status bar would say "2 items selected". Only then would i verify with dir /p that a single instance of that file existed. I have read the FAQ.
Again, my above report fwiw is all i have .. and i would post more info/observation whenever i observe it again. So, all in all, this thread (my half-a*s report) might be somewhat useless to you dev's because neither you or me can reproduce it .. but i found it worth noting that i observed such a tiny bug. (i found it funny and not harmful.)

Sorry, that's all i have at this point of time. (Now that i have stopped testing and playing with Dopus and am actually using it for daily serious work, i looove it!! i am not saying that i work much much faster .. but work is DEFINITELY more enjoyable now. i dont work faster because i am distracted by Dopus wondrous functionality which dont cease to amaze me. And due to the amazement i am distracted and work slower. After 2 months i still havent got used to Dopus power. It still amazes and distracts me :blush: )

I didn't read this whole post - but as soon as I read the basic description - I searched for the word "flat". I've seen similar strange behavior in flatview that I'd reported a while back. Additional weirdness with seeming "doubles" of files when you do some rename operations in flatview as well.

now that both of you have mentioned the view mode. okok. folder2 was in "Flat View: Mixed (No Folders)", not Flat View Grouped. i am pretty sure about that. hope this adds to my half-a$$ report. (And pressing F5, of course, doesnt quit the Flat View mode. But killing the dopus.exe does, hehe.)

Loose Bug Report #2:

it's probably not a bug, i dunno.
in a large folder (with many subfolders) i did Flat View>Mixed (No Folders), then filtered (Show) txt in order to list only the text files. when i select all listed TXT-files and do right click context menu>Send To>File Collections>(anything here), i get above message.

when i select only some of them and do the same, no message. files are being sent to destined file collection.

(a workaround trick is: a Simple Search for <txt> in that large folder. then i would get all TXT-files in a file collection typically called Find Results :laughing: )

Thanks for some comment or no comment :wink:

Throwing everything into one thread is really unhelpful: Ask one question per thread

Error messages that aren't in English (or translated into English) are pretty much useless to us as well, sorry.