Loosing music track information

On one drive I have all my music files, artists, albums then tracks which list artist,album,year,track and duration information. On another drive I have two folders, one with album images and one with various video files. When I open the folder with video files in I loose all my track information, I tried moving the video files to another folder and discovered only .avi files caused this, if I converted to .mp4 everything stayed the same. I don't have to run any of the videos, just open the folder. any ideas what is causing this. Thanks.

Fix it with a screwdriver, a wrench, or some duck tape.

Or post a screenshot :wink:

Just which part of my question did you find hard to understand ?

Your question is a little unclear. But at a guess, try turning off Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Enable Folder Content Type detection.

If I turn off what you suggested I loose all track info and and up with Size,Type,Modified which are the default columns.

If you're relying on Content Type Detection to change the folder format to include music columns, it will only happen when some percentage of the files in the folder are music files. The percentage can be changed by editing the Content Type under Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats.

See Content Types in the manual for more detail on that.

If you want the music columns to appear all the time, in all folders, you can do that by following Folder Formats: Quick Guide which walks through how to change the columns shown in every folder.

If you want the music columns to appear in particular folders, but not others, and without relying on Content Type detection, then you should save a special folder format for those folders. You can save a format which affects everything in and below a particular folder.

Or you can create a format which matches folder paths based on a wildcard, if the folders are spread out but all have something in common (e.g. if you have folders called "Music" on multiple drives, a wildcard format matching *\Music would match all of them).

Thank-you Leo for your in depth reply, I shall try again to see if I can get things right. Also thank-you for your patience with older users who find it hard understanding this wonderful digital world we live in but are determined to try.