Loosing setup after a reboot

Hi there,
I had set up five windows with different setups and had selected that the program open the Listers that were open before close.
I carried out a reboot to find I had lost all but one of the pages and it was not the one I had open just before I carried out the reboot.
I have rebooted quite a number of times before this without losing the setups but I have had this issue in the past.
Is there a manual operation I can carry out to copy the setup files to a safe place and if something goes wrong I can copy them back to the correct location.
Yours faithfully,
David Findlay

You can use Settings > Lister Layouts to explicitly save one or all windows for recall later.

If you're about to reboot, you can also use File > Exit Directory Opus to do a clean shutdown and save all state before starting the reboot, although it shouldn't generally be needed.

Sometimes Windows (or something) seems to kill the process before it has a chance to save the window state, or the OS does not properly commit the new files to disk. We've never reproduced it ourselves, but have done as much as we can to ensure the changes are saved as safety as possible. Occasionally it seems the OS still prevents it from happening.

It does seem to be a filesystem problem, because we've seen reports where the files are truncated or empty, which is impossible on a properly working system due to the way we save them (into a temp file, which is only renamed once completely written, making it impossible for a partially written file to have the real filename unless the OS buffered the writes but then failed to commit them to storage.)

It's possible antivirus may be a factor, since it intercepts disk writes and might go wrong during shutdown sometimes. Might explain why we never see it ourselves, with our antivirus, but we don't know if there's a pattern with a particular AV, or if AV is actually involved. Just one theory, since AV can cause filesystems to malfunction.

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