Lose description after editing file


Directory Opus 13.6 will lose the description if emmx file has been edited. Any ideas about it? Thanks.

Please check the attached video.

Opus writes the comments into the ADS of the file (Alternate Data Streams feature of the NTFS filesystem).

If the editing program deletes and re-creates the file (rather than simply overwriting its data on save), it's no longer the same file (it's a new file with the same name) so comments written in ADS are gone (along with the original file).

One solution would be to enable the option to use the descript.ion in the Preferences / File Operations / Metadata:

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There is a ReplaceFile API in Windows which lets file editors delete and recreate a file without losing the metadata, but not all tools use it.

(It can also be preserved in other ways, but that’s the easiest one, and the API has severs other benefits as well.)

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