Lost config and update woes


So this morning I booted-up as per usual and opened Dopus, only to discover that my carefully crafted config had been replaced with what one could describe as a blank slate (i.e. not the default dopus, no menus or anything).
Now I know this is my screw-up, as I should have backed-up more frequently than once per 2 months - but is there any way I can retrieve my config? I looked at the FAQ sections regarding backups and restorations, but I didn't find much pertaining to my particular circumstance.

Additionally, I can't update. As the screenshot below depicts, I am shown a new update and offered a download - but upon clicking 'Download' the window just hangs indefinitely. I've tried several times and a couple reboots to no avail.
The screenshot also gives some indication as to the 'blank slate' I referred to earlier re: my missing config - if it's of any relevance.

Dopus 10
Win 7 x64


Just a note to say I see the update problem is known (even though I have 10.0.2), and I've resolved that side of the matter.

Your toolbars are probably still there, just not turned on.

Go to Settings -> Customize Toolbars, and look at the list of toolbars. If your old ones are in the list you just need to turn them on again.

By the way, the problem was probably caused by dopus.exe being killed part-way through the shut-down process, while it was trying to write its config files to disk.

For example, a few people here reported the problem because they (or their partners) were in the habit of powering down their machines before shutdown had completed.

We made some changes, I think in, so that the list of which toolbars are turned on is only saved on exit if it has actually been changed, so that this is less likely to be a problem.

(Although in the case of people powering down their machines mid-shutdown, there are much bigger problems to worry about as it could corrupt all sorts of data, not just the Opus toolbars list.)

I assumed I'd powered-down as per usual, but it's possible we had a power cut late at night (South Africa :s ), that would explain the issue. Glad that's sorted now.
Issue resolved, thanks!