Lost Documents in the Libraries

I had 3 Documents within Libraries, only one could I delete. So I did delete it. That lost all items in Documents.

Then rebuilt Documents witk New Folder, but worthless.
All items are still stored under Users/Documents.

When I try to copy from user/documents to libraries/documents,
can not get them to show under Libraries.
I get an error message, the message:

Is there a way to get User/Documents to show under Libraries?

Or do I have to restore my backup and have 3 Document(s) again.

Thanks, John

That error seems to be about a Library called "_ PA4R" rather than Documents?

In any case, you can right-click the library itself and choose Properties to change which folders are included in the library.

(Libraries are part of Windows, not an Opus thing, so the same is true in File Explorer, although Microsoft have hidden them somewhat, like they do with most big new features a few years later when they get bored of them!)

As far as i know is the library not a real path, but only a collector for other directories. So the real "documents" folder should be automatically listed in the library. If you delete there something it will be reflected in the real folder

How to use libraries on Windows 10 | Windows Central


Years ago , I had some bad items in the Documents library. I built a BAD folder to contain them (in case I needed to get to them).
Ihave deleted the BAD folderfrom the Documents Library and deleted BAD folder from the Users/.../Documents.

But items from BAD folder still show up when I do a search at the top right corner of Directory Opus.
When I click on the BAD item, I still get the photo.




I deleted the _BAD folder, but I had not deleted the BAD folder.
Now they are both gone and I should not have sent anything to support. They were several years old.