Lost email address

I purchased a dual license for DIrectory Opus for windows on 17/2/2011 under and email address that I no longer used. But my Certificate has expired and I can nolonger load a new certificate, as my old email address is not longer valid. I now have a new email address as detailed in my new user account I have created. COuld you please provide guidance as to how I can obtain a new certificate, with a different email address. Cheers Al

Purchased certificates don't expire; only free evaluation ones do that. Your old certificate should still work, unless it has been cancelled for some reason (e.g. if the details were made public).

Make sure you're using the purchased certificate and not an earlier one used to extend the free testing period. Make sure the certificate has been installed.

If you're still stuck, please email full details to sales@gpsoft.com.au and they should be able to update your email address in the system so you can re-download your certificate.