Lost Some Folder Names and Attributes in Lister

I was trying out some custom settings, mostly involving colors for folders and files, to see if it was feasible to use colors to some extent for categorization. That was somewhat enlightening, but I ended up reverting most to what it was. I tried to note each change I made in case I did not like what I saw.

However when viewing the contents of the My Documents folder in my default lister - Commander Dual Pane - three folders show only icons: no folder name, no size or dates or file type - nothing but an icon. The three are: My Music, My Pictures, and My Videos. All other folders look exactly as they did before.

I have spent the last 2 hours + changing various settings to try and get these folders visible again, but to no avail. I just cannot seem to get the text back.

All shows fine in Windows Explorer, so this is definitely a DOpus setting only it would seem.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I can get a normal view of these folders back?

Thank you,



Aha! Sorry - Just got it all back! In Preferences>Display>Colors and Fonts, the selection box for the color for System Folders was selected - color was just that default gray or whatever. I deselected that and all came back.

I hadn't knowingly selected that box, so either another setting somewhere auto-selects it or - more likely - I clicked somewhere on that window - probably to return focus to the settings after looking at something else - and it was selected. I did notice that if you click anywhere within about 100 or so pixels of the selection box it gets a checkmark in it. That can be a nice feature - or it can allow unintended selections!


That doesn't seem to be the case for me. Are you using a translated (i.e. non-English) version of Opus? There may be a mistake in the translated dialog which makes the checkbox larger than it needs to be.

No - regular English version.

I just tried again to make sure and I notice that it is only on the same horizontal plane and to the right of the text - I can click as far to the right as about 6 characters past the end of "Enable this Color" and still have it take.



A little off-topic but:

[quote="J-Mac"]I was trying out some custom settings...[/quote]And then things stopped working properly...

The Settings->Backup & Restore option is an Opus enthusiasts best friend. Save a backup of your config while it's in properly working order, then play, tweak, and config till the cows come home. When you've sufficiently busted things while exploring ideas for your 'next' stable config, restore your last good backup and try again without spending 2+ hours trying to reverse out changes.

Even if you're trying to troubleshoot and find out exactly 'what' broke things... it can be helpful to save a backup of your config while it's in a 'broken' state so you can compare the config contents to those of your last 'working' config.


You told me this the last time I posted, and while I can be a bit too inquisitive at times, I never ignore the opportunity for a good old backup! I have been using the Backup Settings feature faithfully.

But I also wanted to find out what in the heck I could have changed inadvertently to end up with what I was seeing - if it was available for an experienced member to tell/show me. Otherwise it will take me much longer to learn how to use DOpus as it should be used.

I didn't want to blindly restore and start again unless it couldn't be corrected by undoing specifically what I had done.

Not sure I'm expressing this well at all. Can you understand what I am trying to say? I want to discover my mistakes or mis-strokes if possible. Then, if I cannot reverse it manually, I can always restore my settings.



Ah... didn't realize you had been one the recipients of my "use the force Luke" sermons related to the backup and restore feature when I replied here :wink:.

I completely understand where you coming from though... That's why I also mentioned that even if you were trying to 'troubleshoot' what might have caused a specific problem, the backup and restore facility still has some uses. In case you didn't know, the OCB file created by the backup tool is just a zip file that contains all of the actual config data files... I routinely make changes and then 'compare' the config files to see what actually gets changed in the config files. You can therefore even setup the OCB extension as a 'zip' file extension in Opus config and then set up dbl-click events to open the OCB files as zip folders...

Anyhow... I digress. I fully understand the 'need' to somtimes puzzle out what you have changed that may have caused something weird to happen. It's part of what helps us learn new things eh? And by doing so it seems you've uncovered something funky here...