Maintain favorities from toolbar with context menu

I have included the [Favorites List] on a toolbar so that the 5 folders that I use the most are displayed in a list.

My normal behaviour is to periodically add an additional favorite using CTRL+D when I know that I'll be spending most of my time with a particular folder. Then when that body of work is done (usually a few days or so), I'll delete the favorite.

By default, DO adds the full folder path which I don't like. So I've successfully changed the CTRL+D hotkey to [Favorites ADD=nameonly] and that works fine. But there is one problem I'm still having... I can't edit the favorite without launching the Edit Favorite window.

Sometimes, I'd like to rename the favorite because it might have the same name as an existing one. But to do so, I have to add the [Edit Favorite] button which launches another dialog window, click on [Rename], position the cursor, type the change, click on [OK]. Instead, I'd prefer a context menu option that performs like "inline rename" and lets me retype the name right on the toolbar... or at least launch a seperate small window where I type in the name (similar to the Simple Rename window).

The same is true for when it's time for me to delete the favorite. I have to launch the "Edit Favorite" when I'd rather just choose an option to delete.

There might be a way to do all of this by adding custom items to the All Folders context menu, but that would show up on all folder operations and this is unique to a Favorite. Since there is no File Type for Favorite, I can't "localize" the command.

Feature request? Does this require a new file type for favorites?

Can't argue with that. I'd find your request useful as well.

a workaround for those interested: