Maintain folder's default location

The settings on some folder tabs are locked and can be changed.
If I browse other tabs in this state, the locked folder will return to its default location.
How can I prevent this?

Which settings do you mean?

Folder view Keep last view
Third visible item -> Locked (folder can be changed)
After moving from a locked folder tab to another tab, when you come back and see it, the visible items are not retained.
How can I keep the last location I saw in that locked folder?

That's the purpose of that tab-lock mode. If you don't want that to happen, you shouldn't use that mode.

You can use one of the other modes (which divert double-clicked folders into new, unlocked tabs), or leave the tab unlocked and instead have a toolbar button (or hotkey, etc.) to go back to the folder you want to access most often, or to reload a Folder Tab Group with your desired folders/tabs when you want to reset things.

(I'm not sure when, but we plan to add an option to change how the Locked (Allow Folder Changes) mode works so it only resets you to the initial folder if you click the tab again when it's already active, allowing you to change tabs and back without resetting the folder, but that's not how it works now.)