Maintaining folder format for search results

Have just re-installed on new computer, and have set up the default folder format that I want.

But I can't remember how to have this format also appear for search results? (eg. Date modified is not maintaining its position as the far left column).

Any help appreciated.

Under Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats there is a Search Results format which should be all you need to edit (unless there are Path formats saved for specific named search results/folders, but there shouldn't be on a fresh install).


?? Can't get to work.

Search Results/Edit - and drag Date and Time (modified) to the top; auto width; tick in Sort column.

If I apply and do a search (Name matching) filename still in far left column??

Close any open windows after changing the formats, to avoid cached formats complicating matters. Always open a fresh window to test with.

If it still gives the wrong results, hover the mouse pointer over the padlock icon on the status bar. Don't click it; just hover over it. What does it tell you about where the current format comes from?

Still doesn't work.

Padlock shows:

Format for path "coll://Find Results"

This is when a search result is in the file display pane.

Find and Search are two different things. (Find = Opus's built-in tool. Search = Windows Search.)

Edit the Collections format if you want to change how coll://Find Results looks.

Thanks Leo - that has worked. Issue resolved.