Make a button to create a text file with a fixed name?

Anyone know how I would make a button to create a text file with a fixed name? The name I want is info.txt

i can make a folder and I tried to replac MakeFolder with MakeFile but that didn't work ... any suggestions or advice would be appreciated : )


I don't 'think' you can specify the name of a new file from the 'Filetype NEW' command. Maybe the quickest and easiest way would be to just create an empty info.txt on your C: drive and then create a button that simply runs Copy c:\info.txt HERE.

The button command of:

FileType NEW=.txt NEWNAME="info"

should do it.

Sweet... I "thought" wrong.

You think good steje, this thread just happened to resonate quickly with me as I have a few buttons to create such files.

You'll one up me the next time I'm sure. :smiley:

I could have sworn there was something for this, but just couldn't remember when it was added. I searched around on the forum looking for something before I made my post and came up dry, but found it in the 8.2 change notes though... cool! Hard to remember where I see all this stuff - old age - sigh :frowning:.