Make a 'Favorites' menu item highlighted in bold type?

I would like to make a specific menu entry in the Favorites drop down list (on the tool bar) be highlighted in a bold black font, so it stands out from my other Favorites menu items (sort of making it my favorite Favorite). Is there a way to do this?

That's not possible, i'm afraid. The closest thing would be to either use the separators, which you can set in the preferences, or to apply a colored
folder icon to the folder you wish to highlight, using the folder's properties:

-> right click on the folder -> properties -> customize (tab) -> folder symbols -> other symbol

One other idea would be to play with case. You could make put that one in all caps, so it screams at you "here I am".

You could add a custom menu item for the folder next to the favorites list, unless you need it to be sorted into the list and not just at the top or bottom of the list.