Make "active" tab easier to see

In the Preferences -- Display -- Colors & Fonts, I have been able to change the font of the "Folder Tab Font" to make it easier to see (I just made it bold).

But can this setting be made to distinquish between the active tab or inactive tab?

I've noticed a very slight shading difference with the standard lister theme. Is that where I would have to make the change? If so, how?

During the 8.1 preview testing phase I had asked GPsoft about the same thing - so that the active folder tab would 'pop' out at you more... At the time, I could not provide a screenshot of what I meant though. I think we're talking the same thing - something like this?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Is there some sort of code or stylesheet that can be applied for this? Or is this part of a theme? Can you assist?

Also, I like the theme in the screenshot. I don't see it as a downloadable one at the DOpus site (unless I'm missing something). Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks again.

Actually, the screenshot is 'doctored' in microsoft paint. The color alteration for the 'active' tab is not possible without some changes from GPSoft. I will go and make a feature request tonight for something like this to be possible in a future update/release...

For the theme, it's the Office 2003 Olive Green and is available on this forums download site under the themes category. In addition, I have my WinXP systems Color Scheme set to Olive Green.

i'm with you guys. i think it would be great to have the tabs easier to see. i use tabs often and i look for them hundreds of times everyday.

8.2 now allows you to set your own colours for active and inactive tabs.