Make DCF shortcut act on other File display in dual lister

I make use of DCF files as files to move between folders.
Effectively they are shortcuts.
In the dual display below I have a DCF shortcut in Folder A on LHS pointing to Folder B.
If I run the shortcut the LHS folder display moves to Folder B as it should.

Is it possible to execute the DCF shortcut in such a way that the RHS file display moves to Folder B?
E.g. set it up so that a different keystroke (Ctrl-Enter) causes the shortcut to act on the other file display?

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

If .DCF just goes to a folder and nothing more, you could literally use a (normal) shortcut to the folder to get what you want. Double-Click would open it in the current file display, and Ctrl + Double-Click would open it on the other side (assuming the normal filetype mouse events haven't been changed).

That was quick Leo!
Double click = Highlight and press enter = Highlight, RHS click, select Open - these open the target folder in the current display
Ctrl + Double click = RHS click, select properties - Brings up the properties dialog for the DCF file (Screenshot)
I have never played with the filetype mouse events.

Since I am interested in a keystroke to make this happen, are the Actions setup relevant here? Screenshot below.

Delete the DCF file and make a normal shortcut to the folder.

(I am assuming we are talking about navigating to the folder the shortcut points to, loading it into one side or the other.)

Thanks Leo...