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Make Esc in viewer exit fullscreen

This might be a macro rather than a preferences option.

When viewing an image in full screen, I would like 'ESC' to exit full screen mode.
Once in window mode, a ESC would then exit the viewer as it already does.

Go to Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys and create a new Viewer Hotkey:


Since Esc is special, you'll need to use the menu on the right of the hotkey field to specify it:

Click Advanced in the command editor to put it into multi-line mode.

Use this as the command:

@if:Show VIEWERCMD=fullscreen
Show VIEWERCMD=fullscreen
Show VIEWERCMD=close

(Details also copied to Viewer: Exit full screen mode with Esc key in the Buttons/Scripts area, so it's easier to find.)


This works like a champ!

Thank you

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