Make File-Collections tabbable

I just tried dragging the desktop-representation of "File Collections" to the lister-tab. It does not function.

Since the File Collections nature is to keep often used stuff at a glance, this would accomodate the tab-feature nicely, since that is a way to quickly access often used locations.

My request would be the possibility of adding such virtual folders to the tab-pane just as any other path.

Ditto... I would appreciate this as well. I find myself using File Collections more and more lately and would love to create a tab group that opened a given set of file collections.

I guess you just can't drag that particular icon to the tab bar (which would require some special case coding to handle when that particular icon is dropped on the tabbar -- I guess it just wasn't thought of until now, so it's a good catch on your part).

You can, however, set an existing tab to show file collections in all the usual ways, and you can open a new tab showing the collections top level via go coll:// newtab

Once the top-level is there you can open any collections you want in the usual ways, including dragging them from the file list to the tab bar (which I did in this screenshot):

Ah, well that works. Thanks...