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Make Lister Title Bar customizable (buttons/menus like a toolbar)


Modern applications have abandoned (and rightfully so) the legacy title bar and now have integrated menus and buttons to maximize UI real estate for their applications.
This is 2019 not Windows 95. Please make the Lister Title Bar a customizable toolbar.
Also make an option to remove the minimize. restore, and close button (some users don't need them, after all Opus users are advanced).
Alternatively, implement a persistent full screen option (Opus opens up in full screen if previously set).





Visual Studio 2019

Opus 12.12 still has Legacy title bar in this customizable application instead of a Functional title bar.


I agree. The Title bar can maintain drag and drop functionality while making better use of it's space by populating it with buttons / menus.


I think this would be an interesting change.

The title bar does add some value. It makes the window moveable (something I miss in other apps, I actually turn on firefox menus so I can move the window again) and shows the full path of the folder you are in.
But I agree there is quite a bit of wasted space in there, and if you don't need the full address then its especially wasted. Replacing the title bar with a DOpus toolbar (or a customisable tool bar) would be an interesting change.
I don't really like what browsers have done the the title bar, and I don't think it would work for DOpus.


Some users work maximized 100% of the time (like me) and I never move the window (that's all my apps not just.).
This is why the fullscreen option is the best because it gives users both options.


I'm also one who runs (almost) everything maximixed (almost) all the time, but I hate this trend away from traditional title bars.


The title bar would still have the functionality of making the window movable. Just look at chrome or adobe apps. I'm sure there could be an option to keep the classic title bar as well for those who like it.