Make text in Advance Rename file list all the same size

I changed the font size of the text in Advance Rename dialog file list. While I was able to make “Rename macro building” font bigger, it doesn’t seem to make the other columns of the line such as “Current Name” bigger too. Is there a way I'm missing?

Funny story. I was about to report that you had a period at the front of the text in the [.Okay] button in Advance Rename. I then thought to try an move the dialog and found out it was a tiny spec on the monitor of the exact right size and in the exact right place, to look like a period in front of the text when the dialog opens. I was also about to ask for a Macro builder and then found Dopus already had one built in and I’m delighted with it.

The general dialog font can't be changed at the moment, but we plan to add that in the future.