Making source and destination listers look more different

I'm currently playing with a 30 day trial version of Dopus 11 and my favorite organization is Dual Horizontal with trees for both listers. (Most people seem to frown on dual trees, but there is no accounting for taste.) One thing I notice is how important it is to keep track of which lister is currently the source and which is the destination, however sometimes I do lose track which means when I hit the copy or move button (for example) I'm not doing what I expected.

To help with this problem, in "Colors and Fonts", "File display border" I set the source border background to be a very bright color and the destination border background to be a very dim color. (I also played with the text color setting just above the background color setting, but surprisingly this does nothing). With my new border colors, things are better but it still is not as easy as I had hoped to distinguish the source and destination listers. The reason is that the border is actually pretty small compared to the size of the listers, trees, and overall Dopus window. Far better for me would be if there was a way to change the appearance of the main part of the lister, or the tree based on whether it was currently the source or destination. For me it doesn't matter if this change is in the lister or the tree since I always use both anyway. A small shift in the background color for the lister or tree would seem ideal for this purpose, although other ways of distinguishing the two listers seem possible.

By the way, I did play with various settings under Display Options having to do with the blending and fading of various colors as well as "visual style". Some of these helped matters slightly since the selected item can be made to look different when it has focus but I found this didn't help much and besides the resulting visual effects did not look at all pleasing with my preferred color scheme. So currently I have all those check boxes turned off (except Display full path in lister title bar).

Are there any ways in the preference settings to accomplish anything like this, or if not are there any add-ons which can have this effect? It seems like such a setting would improve the usability for anyone using dual listers, so I would be surprised if nobody else has thought of this.


Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File display background lets you have different background colors for the whole file display when it is the destination.

Preferences / File Display Modes / Details / Grid lines only in source file display (and the similar option for Power mode) is another way the source and destination can be made to look different.

Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File display background

Oh my gosh ... there it is, exactly what I needed staring right at me. Thanks Leo!
Personally I think I would have understood what that meant if instead of the colors being labeled:
"Background" and "Destination background", they were actually labeled:
"Source background" and "Destination background".
I had actually tried that setting anyway to see what it did, but unfortunately I changed one of them to transparent and it didn't change anything, so I didn't persevere as I should have.

I have one additional follow up question on this File display background setting. I noticed that it affects all columns of the lister except the first one ("Name"). Where is the setting that sets the background color for the Name column? I've tried many settings but can't seem to find it. (That's one of the problems with having a zillion settings, but you can't win, since if you leave one out, someone is going to complain!)


[quote="pmennen"]Personally I think I would have understood what that meant if instead of the colors being labeled:
"Background" and "Destination background", they were actually labeled:
"Source background" and "Destination background".[/quote]

The thing is, Background actually controls both source and destination unless the Destination Background option is enabled.

Display / Fields, and it's most probably the Current sort field you need to change rather than the Name column specifically.

For curiosity, I looked with some determination, yet I couldn't find the Destination Background option anywhere. Oh well, no matter. It already appears to be enabled ... and that's what I want :slight_smile:

Indeed jon, that is what I needed. Many thanks.
Wow, I've finally got the colors the way I like them (for now) ... and it looks fantastic :slight_smile:


It seems to be on the right in the section Leo referenced, namely:

Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File display background