Malawarebytes refusing to install

As above, after a recommendation to install the free to use Version 10 I visited your page and saw I could not download this version as informed (in Computer Active). I then decided to use the trial version, but was stopped in my tracks by Malawarebytes saying blocked due to reputation!!

Any comments please as to the safety of installing and how to stop Malawarebytes from stopping the install.

Version 10 isn't free and is also very old now, and not designed for current versions of Windows.

If you got the installer from our website then Malwarebytes should be ignored. It's just saying it hasn't seen that file many times. Take it up with Malwarebytes if you want to know exactly why they are flagging things, as we have no control over what they do.

If you got the installer from another source then we can't vouch for that, but you can verify it has not been modified by checking the digital signatures. (See the FAQs for details.)

Thank you, it was indeed direct from your site. I have also taken this up with Computer Active as I feel they will need to respond to others who have read and followed the same links and ended up with the same result. I will, as suggested contact Malaware to see what they say. Again, thanks for your quick reply.